A Fold Up Eating Set

Eating sets, whether used for camping, festivals or picnics are bulky, disposable, break easily and almost always end up on the ground or in a landfill somewhere off the coast of India.

https://www.crowdsupply.com/fold-project/a-fold-up-eating-set    http://www.foldproject.com/

The Eating Set by Fold Project © is a flat-pack, fold-up, reusable and eco-conscious eating experience that will make you look for excuses to eat out more often.

So you’ve got a day bag that’s jammed full of gear and literally bursting at the seams? Not a problem, Fold Project’s © Eating Set will fit and you wont even notice its there.

Maybe you don’t like binning everything and like to reduce your footprint? Great! You’re like us. So we made Eating Set reusable time and time again with fully recyclable plastics, biodegradable printing inks and cardboard packaging. No more filling the bins at your next picnic or barbecue.

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